MegaPivot is a web-based big data analytics application. Simply import csv files from your Dropbox folder into our Google BigQuery platform, easily describe tables relationships, create and share pivot tables.

November 12, 2013

How to reduce the size of large PowerPivot files

PowerPivot is a great tool to run in-memory analytics on diverse datasources right from Microsoft Excel extending the familiar pivot table use case. Unless you are savvy enough to setup a Microsoft SQL Server to offload data computations, or you can rely on an IT team to do that for you, raw data from your underlying table will be stored directly in the ...
November 07, 2013

Alternatives to Microsoft Excel PowerPivot

PowerPivot is a free plug-in for Excel developed by Microsoft that significantly extends the capabilities of Excel's built-in pivot table. PowerPivot greatly improves the flexibility and power of Excel as a business intelligence tool in all cases where data tables are tens to hundreds thousand rows and reports are built by small teams of analysts. For ...
October 31, 2013

Top 10 web properties running on Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Redshift runs several of the top web sites. What about Google Cloud Platform? Here is our top 10 list: SnapChat - source Panoramio - source TweetDeck - source Khan Academy - source Ingress - source SongPop - source Udacity - source BuddyPoke - source MoPub - source The Royal Channel - source At MegaPivot we chose Google App Engine as our preferred ...
October 03, 2013

How to link Tableau with Google BigQuery

Tableau built one of the fastest and easiest to use data analytics and visualization software. Tableau features a long list of connectors that allow you to import a diverse set of datasources, from Oracle databases and Microsoft SQL Server to open source architectures like MySQL and PostgreSQL. Tableau recently included connectors to cloud based columnar ...
September 30, 2013

Performance benchmark: Redshift vs Impala vs Shark vs Hive

University of California Berkeley's Amplab has released a new performance benchmark of scalable cloud-based query engines (via Ben Lorica at O'Reilly). Massively parallel processor architectures (MPP) have quickly developed into the go-to solution for big data analytics. The benchmark confirms how Redshift is the fastest among on-disk solutions, although ...
September 22, 2013

MegaPivot and machine learning

Business will be finally able to realize the full potential of big data only once they will be able to: Easily import massive amounts of data from heterogenous sources into a scalable high performance infrastructure Run standardized machine learning algorithms on their data to make predictions and identify patterns We believe that big data will move from ...
September 18, 2013

Amazon Redshift is 10x faster and cheaper than Hadoop + Hive

Amazon Redshift, originally developed by ParAccel on a PostgreSQL core, has shown its advantages compared to the standard setup for big data analysis, Hadoop and Hive. Amazon Redshift is 10x faster and cheaper than Hadoop + Hive from Hapyrus Google has built its own alternative to Amazon Redshift called BigQuery. We built MegaPivot on the Google Cloud ...

MegaPivot is a web-based big data analytics application built on Google BigQuery infrastructure.

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