MegaPivot is a web-based big data analytics application. Simply import csv files from your Dropbox folder into our Google BigQuery platform, easily describe tables relationships, create and share pivot tables.

December 14, 2014

Alpha2 released with major bug fixes and improvements

Today we have released a set of major bug fixes to MegaPivot. Improved algorithm to infer a table schema on large files Faster upload of large files and more robust management of timeout errors Several UI fixes and improvements Thank you very much for your overwhelming enthusiasm and support for our product.
May 03, 2014

MegaPivot releases pricing

As we approach our product release, we have finalized our pricing at launch. Pricing is based on tiers of data processed when refreshing your pivot tables. We offer a free tier up to 10 GB of monthly data processed. A Pro account allows you to process multiple terabytes of data per month, at the price of $9.99 month per terabyte, or less if you opt in to ...
February 03, 2014

Alternatives to Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery and Amazon RedShift are the two most promising cloud-based solutions for interactive queries on large datasets. They are both based on a columnar database architecture which allows fast sweeps and joins of large tables. Alternatives are Hadoop clusters (which are better suited for batch processing of extremely large datasets and usually ...
January 28, 2014

Do I need a Hadoop cluster?

Hadoop is a distributed map reduce architecture inspired by Google's work on distributed systems running on commodity hardware in the early 2000s. It has since then been deployed by several large and small corporations and has become the preferred technology stack for big data applications. Cloudera is the most notable example of companies that have built ...
December 12, 2013

Dropbox for big data

The consumer internet revolution has changed the way people discover, try and use new services. Enormous value has been created by providing free or inexpensive easy-to-use cloud-based solutions to manage so many aspects of our lives. It is amazing how slowly that same process is happening in the world of business software. The cost of managing a long and ...
November 26, 2013

Big data as a service

Big data tools and analytics have transformed the way many companies measure and think about their business. However, big data has required tailored solutions and customizations that only highly skilled resources were able to develop and roll out so far. Most big data companies have built their business models around consulting and services to bring that ...
November 19, 2013

How to address the PowerPivot memory error on large files

PowerPivot is a great tool to run in-memory analytics on diverse datasources right from Microsoft Excel extending the familiar pivot table interface. Ease of use and speed on datasets up to a few hundred thousand rows make it a perfect solution for analyses whenever upgrading or uploading new data sources on a data warehouse is too time-consuming or too ...

MegaPivot is a web-based big data analytics application built on Google BigQuery infrastructure.

Build pivot tables on billions of rows in seconds.
Easily import CSV files of any size directly from your Dropbox folder.
Share your reports with your colleagues.

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