February 03, 2014

Alternatives to Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery and Amazon RedShift are the two most promising cloud-based solutions for interactive queries on large datasets. They are both based on a columnar database architecture which allows fast sweeps and joins of large tables.

Alternatives are Hadoop clusters (which are better suited for batch processing of extremely large datasets and usually require much more complex setups and software development skills) and full-blown data warehouses requiring very substantial investments in hardware and skilled personnel.

Both Google BigQuery and Amazon RedShift require experienced IT professionals in order to setup, import data and run queries. We have developed MegaPivot to bring the power of columnar, cloud-based databases to non-technical business intelligence professionals:

  • tables of any size can be uploaded to MegaPivot from any Dropbox folder
  • interactive queries can be run by creating pivot table using a familiar drag-and-drop interface or using a SQL-like language
  • teams can easily work together on reports, without worrying about versioning, conflicts or exchanging monster files via email
  • no investment, no risk, no proof of concepts or feasibility studies
  • pay for what you use

We have chosen Google BigQuery as a foundation for MegaPivot to build a scalable, easy-to-use, flexible solution for business intelligence teams at companies of all sizes.

MegaPivot is a web-based big data analytics application built on Google BigQuery infrastructure.

Build pivot tables on billions of rows in seconds.
Easily import CSV files of any size directly from your Dropbox folder.
Share your reports with your colleagues.

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