September 07, 2013

How to import CSV files into Google BigQuery

Building your own Google BigQuery datasets has never been so easy.

  1. Open your free MegaPivot account
  2. Create a new dataset and click on "Add table"
  3. Select any CSV file from your Dropbox folder
  4. Let MegaPivot infer your table schema from your data and make adjustments as needed
  5. Choose if you want to create a new table or append to an existing table in your dataset

Once you are done, MegaPivot will download in the background your CSV file, convert into a format compatible with Google BigQuery and import it automatically.

You will then be able to build reports harnessing the unprecedented computing power of Google BigTable using SQL-like queries or drag-and-drop pivot tables. All queries and pivot tables can be easily shared with your colleagues: MegaPivot will take care of security and versioning.

Big data analytics is finally available to everyone via an intuitive web-based interface. No table or data source is too big for MegaPivot.

Building reports on millions of rows is now possible with no upfront investment, using simple CSV imports and pivot table logic.

MegaPivot is a web-based big data analytics application built on Google BigQuery infrastructure.

Build pivot tables on billions of rows in seconds.
Easily import CSV files of any size directly from your Dropbox folder.
Share your reports with your colleagues.

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