May 03, 2014

MegaPivot releases pricing

As we approach our product release, we have finalized our pricing at launch. Pricing is based on tiers of data processed when refreshing your pivot tables.

We offer a free tier up to 10 GB of monthly data processed.

A Pro account allows you to process multiple terabytes of data per month, at the price of $9.99 month per terabyte, or less if you opt in to longer term billing cycles paid upfront (from one to three years).

Companies can opt for the Business account, which provides account management and admin features to add and remove your team members to your projects starting at $199.99 per month for 10 terabytes of monthly processing. Volume discounts on larger corporate plans apply.

The benefit of this pricing structure is that you can add as many people as you want to your account at no charge. Sharing a usage quota across your team will maximize efficiency and reduce costs for your company. Finally, automatic data caching on company reports will significantly reduce your actual processed monthly data and those savings are passed on to you.

Given that MegaPivot is built on the columnar architecture of Google BigQuery, only columns used and retrieved by your pivot table will be counted towards data usage, not the entire source table.

You can start using MegaPivot by simply importing your CSV files from any dropbox folder and building your first big data-ready pivot table.

MegaPivot is a web-based big data analytics application built on Google BigQuery infrastructure.

Build pivot tables on billions of rows in seconds.
Easily import CSV files of any size directly from your Dropbox folder.
Share your reports with your colleagues.

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