October 31, 2013

Top 10 web properties running on Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Redshift runs several of the top web sites. What about Google Cloud Platform?

Here is our top 10 list:

  1. SnapChat - source
  2. Panoramio - source
  3. TweetDeck - source
  4. Khan Academy - source
  5. Ingress - source
  6. SongPop - source
  7. Udacity - source
  8. BuddyPoke - source
  9. MoPub - source
  10. The Royal Channel - source

At MegaPivot we chose Google App Engine as our preferred Platform as a Service provider and Google BigQuery as our big data database solution. Main reasons for us were the following:

  • We love Python and Google Cloud Services are very friendly to Pythonistas
  • Google Cloud Services are incredibly user friendly and easy to use: that make us 10x more productive and let us focus on developing our products rather than running the infrastructure
  • System Administration is difficult and expensive to do on our own, Google does it better than us

MegaPivot is a web-based big data analytics application built on Google BigQuery infrastructure.

Build pivot tables on billions of rows in seconds.
Easily import CSV files of any size directly from your Dropbox folder.
Share your reports with your colleagues.

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