Get 10GB of free processing power per month for your pivot tables and queries.


From $9.99 per month for 1TB of monthly processing power

Industrial strength pivot table that grows with your big data needs.

Processing per month Monthly Rate Billed now
1 TB USD 8.33 USD 99.99
2 TB USD 16.67 USD 199.99
5 TB USD 41.67 USD 499.99
10 TB USD 83.33 USD 999.99

Billed every year.

Business (coming soon)

From $199.99 per month for 10TB of monthly processing power

Get admin features and account management for any number of team members.

Pricing applies to one shared pool of processing resources across your team for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Processing per month Monthly Rate Billed now
10 TB USD 166.67 USD 1999.99
20 TB USD 241.67 USD 2899.99
30 TB USD 308.33 USD 3699.99
40 TB USD 375.00 USD 4499.99

Billed every year.

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